Limited Government

I believe the proper role of government is to protect public safety, provide important public services, such as education, in an efficient and cost-effective manner while still meeting the expectations of the public and under the Constitution of the State of Kansas. We must limit the interference of state government in our everyday lives, eliminating unnecessary laws and regulations which burden families and business and constitute an undue burden on individual liberty.

Prior to 2010, the state government in Kansas had grown beyond its means, and Kansas had less than $1000 in the bank. Now, four years later, under the leadership of a conservative Republican legislature and Governor Brownback, Kansas enjoys a large surplus. Measures that have allowed fiscal responsibility to take hold in Kansas include a “pay-go” requirement in the House, which means any spending increase must be offset by a spending cut elsewhere. 
Of course, more work still must be done. We must be conscientious in continuing to resist legislation which would grow government and looking for additional efficiencies in how we do business.