Economy & Jobs


I believe it is an important role of the state government to create sound fiscal and economic policies which create an environment which allows the entrepreneurial spirit to take hold. With low and fair tax rates and light, sensible regulations, small business can flourish and families can keep more of their hard earned income. 
Just a few short years ago, the Kansas economy was stagnant. Private sector job growth was declining and home buying was at a standstill. Our tax structure represented a substantial burden on Kansans, and placed us at a competitive disadvantage with our neighbors.  
In 2010 and 2012, the people of Kansas rejected the tax-and-spend policies of the past and ushered in a new leadership team committed to returning Kansas to the prosperous land of opportunity it represents. We lowered the tax burden significantly on all Kansans, including eliminating income taxes completely on many small businesses. We enacted Rural Opportunity Zones to ensure all of Kansas can boom together. We declared that Kansas was open for business.
In just the short time that has passed since those policies took effect, 56,000 new private sector jobs have already been created and the housing market is booming. Kansas is now a beacon for those seeking to start a business or raise a family.
In the future, there will likely be additional opportunities to review our tax policy to ensure we continue to lower the burden on low and middle income Kansans.