Meet Charles Macheers.

Charles Macheers is a Reagan Republican in the best sense -- he represents principled leadership and a strong commitment to more efficient and effective government.

As your State Representative in the 39th District, he’ll work to:
• Protect seniors’ savings
• Reduce taxes and red tape to encourage job and business growth
• Improve government efficiency and stop wasteful spending
• Reform the public retirement system to restore solvency and reduce debt
• Empower parents, teachers and students to control education at the local level.

In his professional career as a small business owner and private-practice attorney, Charles has helped families and small businesses protect their savings and plan a secure future. You can count on him to bring the same caring, competent skills to the Legislature.

Charles is representing your interests on the following committees:
• Vice Chair--Judiciary
• Appropriations
• Education
• Joint Committee on Pensions, Investments and Benefits
• Joint Committee on State-Tribal Relations

Visit the Kansas Legislature website for times and locations of committee meetings. 

Charles' past Committees include:
• Energy and Environment
• Pensions and Benefits
• 2013 Special Committee on Judiciary
• Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget
• All-Day Kindergarten Study Committee

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